Large Boiler

At Western Combustion Engineering, we are experienced in the maintenance, servicing, retrofitting and integration of all types of industrial boilers. Partnering with an engineering and service firm that is capable of maintaining and repairing boilers is essential. Not only are boilers a critical aspect of Hospitals, Hotels and manufacturing processes, poorly maintained boiler equipment puts employees in danger.

We work with all major brands of boilers and can outfit systems with low NOx burners and custom control panels. Upgraded control panels allow facility managers to accurately monitor the combustion system and catch any performance or safety issues immediately.

Our customer base is very broad and includes the spray finishing, coating, aircraft, heat treating and food processing industries. This broad knowledge base provides a strong foundation for a variety of design, engineering, fabrication and repair services. In addition to boilers, our capabilities include other combustion equipment such as ovens, furnaces, and thermal oxidizers. For more information about our industrial boiler capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Boiler Specifications

Product Name Industrial Boiler Systems
Capabilities Installation
Annual Safety Audits
AQMD Emissions Testing
Features Low NOx Boilers
Custom Control Panels
Major Equipment Brands Eclipse
Testing In-House Testing
On-Site Testing
Additional Services Repair
Lead Time Quoted on a Job by Job Basis
Dependent on Complexity & Scope of Project

Additional Information

Industry Focus Aircraft and Aerospace
Composites Manufacturing
Steel Manufacturing
Surface Finishing and Coating
Food Processing