Custom Industrial Furnaces

Custom Industrial Furnace

When optimizing industrial combustion processes, at Western Combustion Engineering, we understand that one size does not fit all. In order to effectively control their processes, customers need a solution tailored to their specific application. Our custom industrial furnaces are designed from the ground up by experienced engineers. Not only can we build custom furnace designs to customer specifications, our team is very adept at understanding a customer’s process and developing solutions based on their needs. A variety of considerations are taken into account including production volume, system integration, air quality requirements, and process control requirements.

We work with all major equipment brands including Honeywell, Eclipse, Maxon and Siemens. All equipment is tested in-house, or at the customer’s facility if the size prohibits testing beforehand. In addition, we perform annual SCAQMD NOx testing according to Rule 1147, as well as NFPA safety audits and tune ups. Service is as much a part of our business as design, engineering and fabrication. Customers in a variety of industries count on us to keep their combustion equipment running efficiently and within all regulatory limits. For more information about custom industrial furnaces, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Industrial Furnace Specifications

Product Name Industrial Furnaces
Capabilities Design
Heat Method Electric
Major Brands Eclipse
Testing In-House Testing
On-Site Testing
Additional Services Service
Compliance Testing
Lead Time Quoted on a job by job basis
depending on complexity & scope of work

Additional Information

Industry Focus Aircraft and Aerospace
Steel Manufacturing
Heat Treating