Custom Industrial Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizer

The oxidizers designed by our engineers at Western Combustion Engineering meet all applicable industry standards. Oxidizers are used to convert volatile organic compounds and other hazardous gases to carbon dioxide and water vapor before the exhaust gas stream enters the atmosphere.

We specialize in catalytic and thermal type oxidizers. Catalytic oxidizers use platinum based catalyst to achieve >90% destruction efficiencies but at significantly lower operating temperatures than thermal oxidation resulting in reduced fuel costs. Thermal oxidizers have a lower capital cost and are simpler in design and operation, but are generally larger and require more fuel usage than their equivalent catalytic counterparts.

Engineers can analyze a customer’s current VOC production and design an oxidizer that will most efficiently break down the harmful VOCs. By thoroughly understanding a wide range of combustion processes, we are able to achieve excellent destruction efficiency rates. In addition to design, fabrication, and installation, we provide annual SCAQMD quality testing to ensure the equipment meets the most current emissions requirements. Testing can be performed on any brand and make of oxidizer. For more information about our custom industrial oxidizers and capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Custom Industrial Oxidizer Specifications

Product Name Industrial Thermal Oxidizers
Capabilities Design
Safety Audits
Annual SCAQMD Inspections
Types Catalytic
Function VOC Control
Testing SCAQMD 1147
NOx Reductions from Miscellaneous Sources
Additional Services Service
Compliance Testing
Lead Time Quoted on a job by job basis
depending on complexity & scope of work

Additional Information

Industry Focus Aircraft and Aerospace
Surface Finishing and Coating
Food Processing